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Month: January 2015

Guest Article: “What’s Next for Number 9? A Look at the Promising Strikers of the Brazilian League” by Zetona

Note from Black Matt:  this is the first guest article I’ve ever put up since taking over the Brazil World Cup Blog a few years ago.  I’m thrilled that the author is our very own Zetona, who has become our resident expert on the Brazilian domestic game.  (His overall knowledge of world football, of course, is equally extensive.) 

True story: a few weeks ago, when Zetona sent me his first draft, I opened it up intending to just glance at it briefly, then return to it when I had more time.  Fifteen minutes later, I had read the whole thing twice, having been hooked from the opening sentence.  I’m sure you will all enjoy reading Zetona’s thoughts as much as I did. 

So without further ado…take it away, Zetona!  Continue reading

Seleção Legends: Rivaldo

With the “Seleção Legends” series, I want to look back on some of the greats of Brazilian football. It’s similar to my “Seleção Classics” series, except it will focus on individual players rather than matches. To kick things off, let’s take a look at one of the most fascinating players in Seleção history: Rivaldo. Continue reading