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Tite, Translated

Globo Esporte just posted a lengthy interview with Tite, touching on everything from Brazil’s elimination at the World Cup to the prospects of rising talents like Rodrygo and Vinicius Júnior. Because I figure you’d all like a look inside the head of Brazil’s coach, and because there’s only so long that a picture of Paulinho can grace the front page of the site without driving everyone insane, here is the interview, translated in full.  Continue reading

Tite Is Staying On. What’s Next?

It’s official: Tite is staying on. He signed a contract extension that means he will remain Brazil’s manager through the 2022 World Cup in Qatar—the first Brazil manager to retain the job after the World Cup since Cláudio Coutinho in 1978. He starts this World Cup cycle highly regarded in Brazil after a largely successful first two years in charge, despite Brazil’s quarterfinal loss in Russia—indeed, despite the fact that Brazil’s loss was largely down to Tite’s tactical errors, particuarly his continued loyalty to Paulinho and his decision to not include a like-for-like backup for Casemiro in the squad. Such is his popularity in Brazil, such is the admiration for what he’s managed to achieve considering the wreckage Dunga left, and, perhaps, such is the dearth of acceptable alternatives, that he’s been given the chance to atone for his errors. Now he has a full four years to experiment, build the ideal team, and, hopefully, win the World Cup next time out.

Here’s what he needs to do to make that happen. Continue reading

World Cup 2018: Brazil vs Serbia

We enter the third and final match of group play with two teams needing a win.  Serbia, for any hope of qualification.  Brazil, to secure qualification – and as a balm for their own wounded psyche. Continue reading

Futsal on the Field: How Tite’s Brazil Scores

My first article in over 1.5 years!  

Since Tite took over the reins of the national team, how has the Seleção scored?  Are they primarily a counter-attacking team, a la Dunga in 2010?[1]  Do they rely heavily on pressing and half-counters, like Scolari did until he and the entire squad dissolved into a nervous wreck?

Or has Tite brought back the intricate passing rhythms of Brazil’s golden age?

No, no, and no.

It was an interesting exercise, going back to analyze how Tite’s Brazil scored their goals.  To be honest, the results were not quite what I expected.  In my mind, I expected to find that half-counters were largely responsible for many goals, but the opposite turned out to be the case.

Here’s a breakdown of the 29 non-penalty goals Brazil scored in qualifiers after Tite took over: Continue reading

Brazil’s World Cup Squad

Here it is, exactly as Tite read it out: 

Goalkeepers: Alisson (Roma), Cássio (Corinthians), Ederson (Man City)

Defenders: Danilo (Man City), Geromel (Grêmio), Filipe Luís (Atlético Madrid), Marcelo (Real Madrid), Marquinhos (PSG), Miranda (PSG), Fágner (Corinthians), Thiago Silva (PSG)

Midfielders: Casemiro (Real Madrid), Fernandinho (Man City), Fred (Shakhtar Donetsk), Paulinho (Barcelona), Philippe Coutinho (Barcelona), Renato Augusto (Beijing Guoan), Willian (Chelsea)

Attackers: Douglas Costa (Juventus), Roberto Firmino (Liverpool), Gabriel Jesus (Man City), Neymar (PSG), Taison (Shakthar Donetsk)

The Twelve Reserves: Tite opted to only make one of these public, Dedé of Cruzeiro, but it has since been leaked that Rodrigo Caio is on the list as well.

Zetona’s Hot Take™:  Continue reading

Who’s Going To Be In Brazil’s World Cup Squad?

On Monday the 14th, the FIFA-mandated deadline for doing so, Tite will announce the 23 players he is taking to the World Cup. He’s been very up front about his plans: back in February he named 15 players who had already booked their spot, which soon expanded to 16 and then 17 or 18 depending on who you ask. In any case, what that means is that the squad currently looks like this:

Goalkeepers: Alisson, Ederson, ___________

Right-Backs: Dani Alves, ___________, _________

Center-Backs: Marquinhos, Miranda, Thiago Silva, ____________

Left-Backs: Marcelo, ____________

Defensive/Holding Midfielders: Casemiro, Renato Augusto, Fernandinho

Attacking/Box-To-Box Midfielders: Paulinho, Coutinho, Fred

Wingers: Neymar, Willian, Douglas Costa

Forwards: Gabriel Jesus, Roberto Firmino

????????: ___________

Dani Alves was guaranteed a place, but just today it was confirmed that his knee injury means he’s out of the World Cup—an ignominious end (one presumes) to a tumultuous twelve years with the Seleção. Fred and Douglas Costa, meanwhile, haven’t 100% been guaranteed by Tite to be going to the World Cup, but were reported to have all-but clinched their places after the March friendlies against Russia and Germany. That leaves five six spots unfilled: four five of them for backups across the defensive line, and a wild-card slot for strengthening whatever sector Tite feels most needs it. Based on my understanding of Tite’s thinking, and supplementing reports about which players he’s considering with who we’ve seen him consider in the past, I’m going to try and predict who gets each of those five six open spots. Continue reading