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Seleção Classics: 1998 World Cup Semi-final, Brazil vs Netherlands Part 2 by Lisgarfund

Note from Black Matt: This is Part 2 of a guest article written by our own Lisgardfund.  If you haven’t already, read Part 1 here.  Thanks again to Lisgarfund for this wonderful look at one of the most dramatic Brazil matches of all time!  


Second Half:

After an intense but scoreless first half, Brazil re-emerged from the tunnel firing on all cylinders. Continue reading

Seleção Classics – 1998 World Cup Semi-final, Brazil vs Netherlands by Lisgarfund

Note from Black Matt: Our own Lisgarfund has graciously contributed this amazingly detailed guest article about one of the most classic Brazil matches of all time.  This is Part 1, which covers the first half.  Part 2 will appear later in the month.  

Take it away, Lisgarfund!   


Whenever Brazil and the Netherlands meet, there always seems to be a feast of football. Brazil and Netherlands have met four times in the World Cup tournament and each time it has been a classic. Continue reading

Selecão Classics: Brazil vs Holland, 1994 World Cup QF

Time for another edition of Selecão Classics. The year was 1994, the World Cup taking place in the United States. Brazil had easily gone through their group, beating Russia and Cameroon by 2-0 and 3-0, respectively. In the Round of 16, they struggled to get by a surprisingly tough US squad playing at home. This set up a quarterfinal against Holland, who, in contrast, had labored a little harder through the group stage. It was probably the most anticipated match up to that point. Let’s get right into the action. Continue reading

Seleção Classics – Brazil vs Nigeria, 1996 Olympics

Tomorrow Brazil take on South Korea in the semifinals of the Olympics. It’s their best chance to proceed to the gold metal round since the ‘96 Olympics in Atlanta, where they boasted an extremely talented team consisting of Dida in goal, Roberto Carlos at right back, Aldair at centerback, Juninho Paulista and Rivaldo in the midfield, and Bebeto and Ronaldo (then known as Ronaldinho to distinguish himself from defender Ronaldo Guaro) up top. Continue reading

Seleção Classics: Brazil vs Argentina, 1982 World Cup

Warning: this article is really, really long.

Is there anything that haunts Brazilian football more than the specter of their famous 1982 team?

It’s not just that they were loaded with stars.  (They were.)  Or that their coach, Tele Santana, is credited with bringing back “flair” to the national team.  (He did.)  1982 was the apex of “football as romantic expression.”  Of style over substance.  Of the road versus results.  The very fact that the team lost is almost proof of their virtue, as if they eschewed such ignoble ambitions like “winning,” or such robotic practices like “doing whatever it takes to win” in favor of pure artistry.  As the saying goes, it’s not the destination that matters…it’s the journey.  Continue reading

Selecão Classics – 1958 World Cup Semi-Final, Brazil vs France

I often plan ahead what articles I want to write, but more often than not, the ones I actually put up are ones that come to me on the spur of the moment. So it was with this one. I was originally going to post an article about Marcelo, but I was having a frustrating time writing it – I didn’t feel like I was saying anything different than what you could read in the comments section the past few months.

Similarly, I had always intended for the next “Selecão Classics” article to cover the 1970 World Cup final. But this weekend, while looking for something else on YouTube, I found the 1958 semi-final vs France in its entirety. I knew I had watched the match before, but I had less a memory of it than I did the final vs Sweden, or the famous Group Stage match against the USSR where Pele and Garrincha first made their awe-inspiring debuts. But within 10 minutes of watching the game, I knew I had to write about it. Continue reading

Seleção Classics – Brazil vs Germany, 2002 World Cup Final

Seleção Classics – Brazil vs Germany, 2002 World Cup Final

When I first discussed joining the blog with Duvel a few months back, one of the things I wanted to do whenever there was national team downtime was take a look at some classic matches and try to analyze them more from a tactical standpoint than a romantic or reminiscent one.  What constitutes a “classic?”  Well, I’m going to use an extremely broad definition and just say that it’s any Brazil match from 1900-2002, provided it meets the following criteria: Continue reading