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Month: June 2015

What Neymar’s suspension means for Brazil

Brazil has nowhere left to hide.

The news came down yesterday that Neymar has been suspended for four matches. There are lots of things we could talk about in light of this unwelcome development. We could talk about Neymar’s attitude. We could talk about whether the punishment fits the crime. But let’s put those things aside for a little bit and talk about something that, in the grand scheme of things, is much more important. Continue reading

Carpe Diem: How Roberto Firmino Seized the Day to Earn a Spot on Brazil’s Roster

Long before the poet Horace wrote the words “carpe diem”, Dunga said them first. You see, in a previous life, Dunga was a Roman Centurion, noted as much for his disdain of the papyrus tabloid writers of the day as for his prowess at winning battles.

Dunga Carpe Diem

The modern-day Dunga has always loved those who seize the day – those players who, when given a chance to represent their country, seize the opportunity by the throat and squeeze. It’s both a strength and a weakness in him. A strength because it incentivizes players to give the maximum amount of effort whenever they don the yellow shirt. A weakness because it leads directly to Dunga’s love affair with first impressions…a love that can lead to inexplicable decisions down the road.

But this article isn’t about Dunga. It’s about a player who has recently seized the day, not just once, but thrice. I’m talking, of course, about Roberto Firmino Barbosa de Oliveira.[1] Continue reading