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Month: July 2014

Temporary Discussion Thread

Last night I had a dream that Brazil beat Chile 2-1 in the semifinals and would be playing in the final on Sunday.  I don’t know what the opponent or the scoreline mean, if anything, but it was a nice dream.

I will take it as a premonition of the future.

In the meantime, the present can’t be ignored.  I haven’t quite finished my next article, which is part recap but more manifesto for what I’d like to see happen during the next four years.  I’ll get it up this weekend.  But you can use this post as a temporary discussion thread for the time being.  I won’t be writing about, or watching, the third place match on Saturday.

More soon.

7 Reasons Why Brazil Can Still Beat Germany Without Neymar

POST-WORLD CUP UPDATE:  I recognize the awful irony in the headline, and the article itself is hardly better.  Still, I’ve decided not to take this post down as some have suggested, because it would be shameful to try and hide it.  Besides, anyone could have written an article decrying Brazil’s chances after Neymar went down.  I decided to stick my neck out and do something different, and I don’t regret trying it.  (But I do wish I had chosen a different number.)


Brazil were dealt an awful blow last week due to Neymar’s tournament-ending injury. But the Seleção are neither down nor out. Despite the loss of their talisman, victory is still attainable. Here are seven reasons why: Continue reading

Brazil vs Colombia Discussion Thread

You can use this thread to talk about Brazil’s quarterfinal match against Colombia, which starts in a little under 2 hours.

Brazil vs Chile Recap – Part I

Watching this match drove me to a greater state of agitation than I have known in years. From initial optimism (Brazil take the lead!) to incredulity (how could we concede a goal like that?) to outrage (enough with the long balls to Jo already!) to acceptance (Brazil are probably going to lose this penalty shootout, and that’s okay, life goes on) and back to incredulity again (wait…did we really just win?) my emotions were simply too erratic for me to write a coherent recap.

So I decided to watch it again. Continue reading