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Month: June 2014

World Cup Round of 16: Brazil vs Chile

The knockout stages have arrived, and from here on out, every match Brazil plays is basically a final.

First up: Chile. Continue reading

A Few Thoughts on Neymar versus Mexico

This is the first in a series of “miniature” articles I aim to post throughout the tournament…which hopefully will last through July for Brazil.  Most of the articles will either be on individual players, or on a specific concept.

Today’s article is on Neymar.  Continue reading

Brazil 0, Mexico 0

They say you shouldn’t ever write a letter, drive a car, go to bed after a fight with your spouse, or write a blog post when angry. Fortunately, I am not angry.  While it’s true that I am currently typing this solely with my left hand after tying my right to the armrest of my chair (it wanted to type something very, very different), I can say with the utmost sincerity that I am utterly calm. Continue reading

6 Thoughts on Brazil vs Croatia

Apologies for the lateness of this article.  I’ll post a dedicated match thread for the Mexico game tomorrow. 

The following are six random “thoughts” about Brazil’s opening game vs Croatia:

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Brazil vs Croatia match thread

It’s finally here.

Four years of waiting.  We had to go through a disastrous Copa America, a mistake-laden Olympic final, a bizarre love affair with Andre Santos, and almost three years of Mano Menezes to get here, but we made it.

How far have we come?  Well, remember this? Continue reading

Pre-World Cup Discussion Thread

It’s come to the management’s attention that some of you are averse to scrolling repeatedly through a 5,000 word article just to get to the Comments section.  Well, here at the new-and-possibly-improved Brazil World Cup Blog, we aim to please.  So you can use this thread to talk for the next 12-18 hours or so.

I do plan on getting one more short article up before the start of the tournament, and then of course I will create a match thread for the Croatia game itself.  But for now, go ahead and use this.  Continue reading

Three Patterns for a Successful World Cup

World Cup trophyWhen you look closely at the history of Brazil’s five World Cup trophies, several patterns begin to emerge, patterns that suggest there is a formula for tournament success. Some of these patterns are easy to spot: Continue reading

Scolari’s Versatile Roster

scolariFelipe Scolari announced his full, 23-man roster for the World Cup today. With one minor exception, the list contained no real surprises.   Behold, your Brazil 2014 World Cup Men’s National Team: Continue reading