I often plan ahead what articles I want to write, but more often than not, the ones I actually put up are ones that come to me on the spur of the moment. So it was with this one. I was originally going to post an article about Marcelo, but I was having a frustrating time writing it – I didn’t feel like I was saying anything different than what you could read in the comments section the past few months.

Similarly, I had always intended for the next “Selecão Classics” article to cover the 1970 World Cup final. But this weekend, while looking for something else on YouTube, I found the 1958 semi-final vs France in its entirety. I knew I had watched the match before, but I had less a memory of it than I did the final vs Sweden, or the famous Group Stage match against the USSR where Pele and Garrincha first made their awe-inspiring debuts. But within 10 minutes of watching the game, I knew I had to write about it. Continue reading